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Celebrate Frederick Law Olmsted's 197th Birthday

Thursday, April 25, 2019, 7:00 PM, Free
First Church Jamaica Plain, Unitarian Universalist
Centre and Eliot Streets, Boston, MA 02130
Wheel Chair Accessible

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  • Citizen Call For Park Stewardship: Jamaica Pond Park, Olmsted Park & Arborway
  • Honoring the legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted who designed the Emerald Necklace Parks.
  • State and City Officials will present the time line of Jamaica Pond Park renovations this spring.
  • Olmsted Nature Center at the Jamaica Pond Boat House plans will be reviewed.
Telephone: 617-524-7070 Email: FrederickLawOlmsted@yahoo.com

Olmsted 2022, Friends of Jamaica Pond, Friends of Olmsted Park,
Arborway Coalition,
& A.R.T. Institute

Jamaica Pond Park $4.7 million dollar renovations in the spring of 2019
Detailed report PDF click image to view and download

National Park Service/Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site
Olmsted 2022, Olmsted Nature Center: Connecting History, Arts & Science presents

JAMAICA POND:  Of Ponds and Plans

Sat., May 18th, 1O:00 AM, Free
Jamaica Pond Boat House, The Jamaicaway, Boston, MA 02130
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Join National Park Service Ranger Alan Banks and
Frederick Law Olmsted as portrayed by Gerry Wright,
as they explore the cultural history of Jamaica Pond
and look at Olmsted's plans for this popular park. Formed at the end of the last Ice Age, Jamaica Pond served as a source of water for Boston, and later, as a source of ice. Frederick Law Olmsted believed, its “great beauty in reflections and flickering half-lights”, was the perfect antidote for the weary city-dweller looking for a place for relaxation and contemplation. 

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Frederick Law Olmsted's Blog: Stories at Sunrise on Jamaica Pond


Olmsted National Historic Site, New York State House, Niagara Falls

Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Lincoln House National Historic Site

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These posts will be coming directly from Gerry himself as he visits National Parks and Historic Sites inspired by the visionary Frederick Law Olmsted. The passage will culminate with a presentation of the 1865 Olmsted Report on the Yosemite and Mariposa Grove at the Yosemite National Park.

August 9, 2015

Yosemite Theater
Yosemite National Park


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Niagara Falls Public Library
July 18, 2015, 1 PM

Protect Jamaica Pond's Watershed from Development
We respectfully request the conservation and preservation of Jamaica Pond’s watershed by protecting Hellenic Hill woodlands from development.
  • Jamaica Pond has been an important source of water for wildlife and people.
  • Native Americans and people through the ages have enjoyed the beauty of the waters and hill.
  • Jamaica Pond was the water reservoir for Boston up to the 1850s, and it is still an emergency water source.
  • Jamaica Pond Park is used daily by thousands of people to revitalize their physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • Friends of Jamaica Pond and the Jamaica Pond Project have provided education programs and environmental stewardship for over five decades.
We petition Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, Massachusetts General Court, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Boston City Council, and Citizens to:
  • Conserve and Preserve Jamaica Pond’s watershed by protecting Hellenic Hill woodlands from development.
  • Ensure the Integrity of the Emerald Necklace parks envisioned by Frederick Law Olmsted as a sanctuary for all the citizens.

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FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED:  Passages in the Life of an Unpractical Man

one-man play by Gerry Wright

Gerry Wright has researched, written and produced a one-man show honoring the life and work of Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of landscape architecture. The play provides insights into Olmsted's passionate vision as he played critical roles in the dynamics of slavery as a writer, Executive Secretary of the U.S. Sanitary Commission in the Civil War, and as the landscape architect for New York City's Central Park, Boston's Emerald Necklace, the US Capitol grounds, along with multiple plans for colleges, communities and private estates.  Olmsted was a key pioneer in the movement to preserve land as national parkland, both at Yosemite and Niagara Falls.

Olmsted's life story, from "vagabond," to dry goods salesman, sailor, traveler, journalist, author, publisher, executive (including a goldmine in California), to becoming the father of landscape architecture in America is both inspiring as history and reason for continued commitment in the 21st century.

The Olmsted play has been presented at the Olmsted National Historic Site in Brookline, Boston’s 375th Anniversary Parade, Brookline’s 350th Anniversary Celebration, plus numerous communities of the Commonwealth; along with performances in Volgoda, Russia; in New York City for the 150 year anniversary of the legislation for Central Park; Olmsted Parks Conservancy in Louisville, Kentucky; and in Asheville, North Carolina.

Expanded Program Details, Videos, Photographs, Reviews  HERE

Performance at Maryland Humanities Council "Chautauqua" in July 2010 "Beyond Boundaries" by Gerry Wright as Frederick Law Olmsted at Germantown Campus of Montgomery College Video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r97ljW26EtQ

Video clip excerpts from performance at the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site in Brookline on August 31, 2003.
DVD high resolution versions of the entire performance available upon request.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nU-GzAaztiI

Gerry Wright
Telephone: 617-524-7070
Email: FrederickLawOlmsted@yahoo.com

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